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33kV power transformer

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33kV power transformer

33kV power transformer is a static electrical equipment, which is used to change the AC voltage (current) of a certain value into another voltage (current) with the same frequency or several different values.

When the primary winding is connected with AC, alternating magnetic flux is generated. The alternating magnetic flux induces AC electromotive force in the secondary winding through the magnetic conduction of the iron core. The secondary induced electromotive force is related to the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings, that is, the voltage is directly proportional to the number of turns. The main function is to transmit electric energy. Therefore, the rated capacity is its main parameter. Rated capacity is a customary value of power, which represents the size of transmitted electric energy, expressed in KVA or MVA. When the rated voltage is applied to the transformer, the rated current that does not exceed the temperature rise limit under specified conditions shall be determined according to it.

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