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AlcadiasCode for installation of power transformersTest items

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The common dry-type transformer is an important electrical equipment, and the voltage is constantly regulated. However because of certain necessity, the dry-type transformer will also boost voltage, and the whole process of boosting voltage is very complex, and there are many principles.

6The dry-type transformer used for power plant voltage transformation is different from the oil transformer. It is strictly prohibited to lead the way at the bottom voltage side to prevent the transmission overvoltage caused by overvoltage at the power grid side or lightning stroke from penetrating the insulation layer of the dry-type transformer.

sAlcadiasAfter sampling, bind the laminated glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle stopper.

For oil transformer oil replenishment,Products Show unused transformer oil conforming to the new standard should be selected first. In addition,PepperCharacteristics of dry type transformerInconsistent views on the industry outlook the oil with the same basic, same brand and same additive type is expected to have a stronger effect. The characteristics of the oil should not be lower than that of the oil in mechanical equipment. When the new remaining oil is less than %, there is generally no problem. However, if there is more new remaining oil, oil shall be added before oil type Chromatographic analysis and pressure test shall be carried out to establish that there is no oil stain and the acid value and dielectric loss shall not exceed the oil in the machinery and equipment.

MCorpus ChristiIn fact, apart from the application of the Finance Bureau the industry has been trying to formulate and upgrade transformer commodities according to the specifications, so as to promote the improvement of energy consumption level of transformer commodities.

LsThe selection shall be carried out according to the load characteristics of power. There are many types of power loads. Different dry-type transformers shall be used for different power loads. If the standard impulse level of power load is less than kV, class H dry-type transformers shall be used. If the standard impulse level of power load exceeds kV, epoxy resin adhesive shall be used to pour dry-type transformers.

In order to better avoid transmission overvoltage damage,Products Show a group of overvoltage maintenance high-voltage Arresters (such as ycs active zinc oxide high-voltage arresters) shall be refitted at the working voltage bus duct side of dry-type transformer.


Transformer inspection ear

zOil immersed transformer

STransformer manufacturers said that at this stage, lack of evaluation and specifications, and inadequate technical innovation, resulting in the slow marketing and promotion of energy-saving transformers.

LPackaging strategyAutomatic system of centrifugal fan: measure the temperature data signal according to the PT thermistor temperature measuring resistor of the embedded parts at the hot part of the bottom pressure winding. The transformer load expands and the operating temperature increases. When the winding temperature reaches ℃, the system software automatically starts the centrifugal fan for refrigeration; When the winding temperature is as low as ℃, the system software will automatically terminate the centrifugal fan.

jATransformer is a kind of power engineering equipment that converts working voltage and current according to the basic law of magnetic effect of current. In the whole process of power transmission and transformation of power engineering, it is necessary to carry out voltage transformation and blood pressure reduction according to the transformer to reduce the loss in the whole process of electromagnetic energy transmission. Therefore, the power consumption of the processing plant is all connected with kV switching power supply, which is converted into bottom voltage electromagnetic energy through transformer.

Under normal conditions, different oil-based oils cannot be mixed. Under special circumstances,Products Show if it is necessary to use new oil of different grades, it should be determined whether the mixed oil with ice degree can be used according to the requirements of the region,PepperCharacteristics of dry type transformerInconsistent views on the industry outlook and then the oil mixing test should be carried out.


Visual inspection method for transformer inspection

Inspection requirementscThe visual inspection method is that the staff use human eyes to observe the appearance change of the visible parts of the operating equipment to find out the abnormal conditions of the equipment, such as discoloration, deformation, offset, cracking, loosening, ignition and smoke, oil leakage and oil leakage,Power transformer price: 1000KVA, 33kV, 25kV, power transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer factory broken strand disconnection, short-circuit fault marks, hanging of dirty things, etching and turbidity, etc. can be checked according to the visual inspection method. Therefore, visual inspection is one of the common methods of equipment inspection.

XWhat is the important role of power transformer

When the operating oil is mixed with different types of new oil or used for oil, in addition to the accurate measurement of the cold filter point of the mixed oil, it is also necessary to carry out high and low temperature test and sludge test, and observe the sludge accumulation. The accumulation cannot be accessed. The results of the operation of the mixing template are not that the original oil is very poor, so it can be managed and used in a mixed manner.

gAlcadiasThe insulation between silicon steel sheets is damaged, resulting in overheating and melting of the iron core;

eAAccording to the introduction of transformer manufacturers, the capacity utilization rate is only about %, which is regarded as & ldquo; Great Lars car & rdquo;, After replacing one kva small transformer, the utilization rate is close, but the main parameters of the two transformers are evaluated as shown in Table . Table evaluates the main parameters of the transformer: capacity (VA) iron loss (W) copper loss (W). Firstly, the output power is saved according to the customary calculation method (ignoring copper loss): the results show that the loss of large capacity transformer is lower than that of small capacity transformer, It actually consumes electromagnetic energy.

What is the cause of power transformer core failure?

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