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Asunci Mori MitaSpecification and model of dry-type power transformerThe function of platform customer service

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Protection mode for type selection of dry-type test transformer

6The insulation between silicon steel sheets is damaged, resulting in overheating and melting of the iron core;

vAsunci Mori MitaDifference between dry-type transformer and oil immersed transformer:

The transformer manufacturer said that the selection should be based on the application environment of the dry-type transformer. For the extremely extreme environment, the dry-type transformer should be poured with epoxy resin glue. Because this kind of environment does not need to heat the dry-type transformer, it can operate immediately. However, for the general application environment, the class H dry-type transformer can be used.

EDaweiIn order to better avoid transmission overvoltage damage,Products Show voltage transformer,SanaratSelection of dry type transformerPerformance level automobile relay, AC contactor, etc.) operates normally. According to the AC current, the winding transformer core will send out a symmetrical rhythm and a certain tone & ldquo; Buzz, buzz & rdquo; Sound. The operation staff of the transformer manufacturer should understand and grasp the characteristics of the noise. When the equipment has common faults,Power transformer price: 1000KVA, 33kV, 25kV, power transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer factory there will be noise and even & ldquo; Crackle & rdquo; The charging and discharging sound can distinguish the generation and characteristics of common equipment faults according to the music law and sound transformation when everything is normal and abnormal.

Hand touch method for transformer inspection


How to maintain dry-type transformer?

jWhen the transformer is out of phase, if the second phase is blocked there is still no sound when the second phase is sent, and there is sound when the third phase is sent; If the third phase is blocked the sound will not change, as in the case of the second phase. There are three reasons for phase deficiency:

LThe selection shall be carried out according to the load characteristics of power. There are many types of power loads. Different dry-type transformers shall be used for different power loads. If the standard impulse level of power load is less than kV, class H dry-type transformers shall be used. If the standard impulse level of power load exceeds kV, epoxy resin adhesive shall be used to pour dry-type transformers.

MFair priceTransformer

mROil sample inspection & mdash; & mdash; the performance parameters such as compression resistance and residue shall be carried out every three years. The long-term overload or overload of the transformer can reduce the cycle time.

The insulation of the through core anchor bolt clamping the iron core is damaged,Products Show resulting in a short circuit fault between the silicon steel sheet of the iron core and the through core anchor bolt;


Many people probably dont know much about the power distribution transformer manufacturers. In fact, the transformer can be plugged in for trial operation after careful inspection before capital investment. During the trial operation period, you must pay attention to the following points. Whether there is abnormal sound, noise and vibration,SanaratSelection of dry type transformerPerformance level whether there is abnormal smell such as coke smell, and whether there is discoloration caused by partial overheating. Ventilation is good. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following aspects.

Honest servicewThe fundamental reason for this kind of inaccuracy is that when the transformer & ldquo; Dalar trolley & rdquo; is considered according to the size of capacity utilization rate, the high-capacity transformer must be replaced by the small-capacity transformer with high utilization rate,Products Show and then the iron loss is considered and the copper loss is ignored. In fact, for a certain load, the active power loss of small capacity exceeds that of large capacity The active power loss of the transformer, the efficiency & ETA; Equivalent, the transformer will not cause loss. But in fact, there is no such transformer. Transformer always causes loss when transmitting electromagnetic energy. The key of this kind of loss is copper loss and iron loss. Copper loss refers to the loss caused by the number of turns of transformer coil. When the current has a fever according to the number of turns of the coil, part of the electromagnetic energy changes into energy and is lost. Because the electromagnetic coil is generally wound by copper core wire with insulating layer, it is called copper loss.

uEAutomatic system of centrifugal fan: measure the temperature data signal according to the PT thermistor temperature measuring resistor of the embedded parts at the hot part of the bottom pressure winding. The transformer load expands and the operating temperature increases. When the winding temperature reaches ℃, the system software automatically starts the centrifugal fan for refrigeration; When the winding temperature is as low as ℃, the system software will automatically terminate the centrifugal fan.

Slow promotion of domestic transformer Market

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