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Electric furnace transformer

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Electric furnace transformer

Resistance furnace and salt bath furnace for mechanical parts heating, heat treatment, powder metallurgy sintering, non-ferrous metal smelting, etc. Because the resistance of the heater is too small or the resistance of the heater changes too much during the heating process, a resistance furnace transformer needs to be equipped between the furnace and the power grid to reduce and adjust the input voltage of the electric furnace.

Resistance furnace transformers and salt bath furnace transformers with small capacity and low voltage are mostly dry-type transformers with box shell and natural cooling; Most resistance furnace transformers with medium capacity (hundreds to thousands of volt ampere) are oil immersed self cooling transformers; The large capacity is the forced oil circulation water-cooled transformer.

1. Direct voltage regulation method: on the original winding of the transformer, lead out the tap and connect the tap changer. Delta-y can also be exchanged between the three phases of the primary side to realize the voltage regulation of the secondary side. Delta-y switching is a very economical voltage regulation method. Without changing the number of turns on the primary side, the secondary side voltage can be reduced to the original 1 /. Since each phase winding has 9 taps, plus △ - y commutation, a total of 2 can be obtained × 9, i.e. level 18 voltage.

2. Indirect voltage regulation method: indirect voltage regulation method with series transformer. Main transformer 1 is a three winding transformer (see multi winding transformer), and winding 1 is a high-voltage winding connected to the power grid; Winding 2 is a winding with tap, which is connected in series with the original winding 4 of series transformer II through tap changer; Winding 3 is connected in series with auxiliary winding 5 of series transformer II to supply power to the electric furnace load. By changing the primary side voltage of series transformer II through tap changer, the output voltage of winding 3 and 5 can be changed. The 3 and 5 windings connected to the load generally have only 1 ~ 2 turns, and the 8-shaped coil is usually made of copper or aluminum plate.

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