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Energy saving transformer

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Energy saving transformer

The power transformer has been invented for more than 100 years since 1881. In most cases, the voltage level of electric energy from the power station to the user must pass through at least 5-level transformers before it can be transmitted to low-voltage electrical equipment (380V / 220V). Although the efficiency of transformer itself is very high, the total loss is still very large because of its large number and large capacity. It is estimated that the total loss of transformers in China accounts for about 10% of the power generation of the system. If the loss is reduced by 1%, tens of billions of kWh can be saved every year. Therefore, reducing transformer loss is an imperative energy-saving measure.

1) The transformer cores are three-phase five column type and two rows of rectangular arrangement. The zero sequence magnetic flux flows through the two side columns. The magnetic flux does not pass through the box and does not produce heating structural loss, so that the transformer can meet the requirements of low noise and low loss;

(2) The high and low voltage coils are rectangular copper windings. When the coil is short circuited accidentally, it can adapt to large mechanical stress damage and the coil will not deform;

(3) The box body is a sheet radiator made of cold-rolled steel plate, and an anti hail, dust and rain cover is installed above the high and low voltage casing. Its lead wire has no exposed conductor, and can be wired with cable for full insulation protection;

(4) The transformer thermal circulating oil is filled with silicone oil, the box is fully sealed, maintenance free within 20 years, and can adapt to high temperature places.

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