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Box transformer (commonly referred to as "box transformer") centralizes the traditional transformer in the box shell. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise, low loss and high reliability. It is widely used in residential areas, commercial centers, light stations, airports, factories and mines, enterprises, hospitals, schools and other places.

As a complete set of distribution equipment, box transformer is organically composed of transformer, high voltage control equipment and low voltage control equipment. Its basic principle is that through the pressure starting system, armored wire, substation automatic system, DC point and corresponding technical equipment, all components are reasonably assembled according to the specified sequence, and all components are installed in the specific waterproof, dustproof and rat proof fully sealed toughened box structure, so as to form a specific transformer. Box type transformer has been widely used in power engineering construction.

Precautions for use

First, ensure that the voltage of each wiring group in the box transformer is always consistent. The double power consumption of the box transformer should be the same. When the impedance voltage is the same, two box transformers operating in parallel should be used, and the power consumption voltage should be strictly controlled.

Second, when the box transformer is powered off, the low-voltage end should be powered off first, followed by the medium voltage end, and finally the high-voltage end. When energizing, the grounding switch should be turned on first, and then discharge.

Third, do a good job in the maintenance of box transformer. First, insulating shoes and gloves should be worn when maintaining and overhauling the box type transformer; Secondly, the shell of the box transformer should be cleaned on time, and the shell should be checked for cracks or circuit aging; Thirdly, in order to ensure a good ventilation environment for the box transformer, the accessories around the box transformer should be cleaned regularly; Finally, when installing and maintaining the box transformer, all interfaces, screws and connecting bus shall be strictly checked for tightness.