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RajorellaCapacity specification of 10kV power transformerPoor fire resistance

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Transformer is a kind of power engineering equipment that converts working voltage and current according to the basic law of magnetic effect of current. In the whole process of power transmission and transformation of power engineering, the power consumption of the processing plant is all connected with kV switching power supply, which is converted into bottom voltage electromagnetic energy through transformer.

8After the power transformer has been used for a long time, common faults of iron core will occur. Dont worry. Contact the transformer manufacturer, and the manufacturer will assign professional technicians for inspection. The main reasons are as follows:

mRajorellaThe insulation distance between the winding and the iron yoke of power transformer is much larger than that between the windings, because the electric field between the winding and the iron yoke is far away and not as symmetrical as that between the windings. In the electric field in the middle of the winding,Products Show most of the cables are perpendicular to the insulating cylinder (plate) in the middle of the winding,AlaihanBrand of oil immersed transformerWhat are the superior performance of that is, the disconnection component of the electric field is small.

Transformer manufacturers said that at this stage, the energy-saving distribution transformer Market in China is relatively scattered, coupled with the constraints of factors such as low threshold in the field, uneven companies, lack of evaluation and specifications, and inadequate technical innovation, resulting in the slow marketing and promotion of energy-saving transformers.

BBogotaDry type transformer is a common electrical equipment, which can be used to convert the alternating voltage of one standard value into another standard value of the same frequency. The step-up dry-type transformer is used to convert the low-grade alternating voltage into another high-grade alternating voltage of the same frequency. It is widely used in high-frequency industries,Products Show such as variable frequency power supply.

ZyAt rated power, the ratio of output power to input power of transformer is called the efficiency of transformer, i.e. & ETA; Is the efficiency of the transformer; P is the input power and P is the output power.

Principle of step-up dry-type transformer: the step-up dry-type transformer is a component that correspondingly converts low communication AC voltage, large current flow and small characteristic impedance into high communication AC voltage, small current and large characteristic impedance. When there is an AC circuit in the original coil, the communication AC magnetic flux will be caused in the transformer core (or magnetic core), causing the magnetic induction voltage in the primary coil (or current).


The efficiency of transformer is closely related to the output power level of transformer. Generally, the greater the output power, the smaller the output power, the lower the efficiency.

dAfter tightening the loose bolts,Products Show seal the flange, and solve the bolts that are likely to leak,AlaihanBrand of oil immersed transformerWhat are the superior performance of so as to achieve the goal of complete treatment. Tighten the loose bolts strictly according to the actual operation and processing technology.

POil sample inspection & mdash; & mdash; the performance parameters such as compression resistance and residue shall be carried out every three years. The long-term overload or overload of the transformer can reduce the cycle time.

ZplanFor oil transformer oil replenishment, unused transformer oil conforming to the new standard should be selected first. In addition, the oil with the same basic, same brand and same additive type is expected to have a stronger effect. The characteristics of the oil should not be lower than that of the oil in mechanical equipment. When the new remaining oil is less than %, there is generally no problem. However, if there is more new remaining oil, oil shall be added before oil type Chromatographic analysis and pressure test shall be carried out to establish that there is no oil stain, and the acid value and dielectric loss shall not exceed the oil in the machinery and equipment.

kLIt can be seen from the above that from the perspective of power saving in some cases,Power transformer price: 1000KVA, 33kV, 25kV, power transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer factory transformers & ldquo; A small horse pulls a small car & rdquo; Cant compare with & ldquo; Middle car & rdquo;, Even less than & ldquo; Great Lars, little dragons & rdquo;, Therefore, the loss of transformer full load and load must be considered in the calculation, and the results can be properly made in terms of power saving or power consumption. According to the correlation between the load rate and the transformer capacity: . The transformer load rate and power saving will be brought into the formula: the load index of the transformer, that is, the operating load and rated capacity of the transformer . Now it is illustrated by examples that both sides of the acadc al electron touch toe ground type seek the derivative of P, and then reduce the active power loss of the large capacity transformer from the active power loss of the small capacity transformer, that is, the formula: Subtraction formula is used to calculate the detailed formula for saving transformer output power: when the transformer operation loss is small and the rate is large the load index is the load index, and when the specific copper loss is equivalent to iron loss, the rate is large.

Relevant responsible persons of the transformer Federation of China Household Appliance Industry Association show that the development prospect of transformers in China in the future is still the development trend of environmental protection, low noise, fire safety and explosion-proof and high reliability. There are two key development prospects: one is the development trend of high voltage and high voltage, especially kV and kV. The second is the development trend towards environmental protection, energy conservation and miniaturization. The former key is applied to the long-distance substation project route, and the latter key is applied to the substation project route in big cities.


Transformer inspection nose sniffing method

Quality riskkThe step-up dry-type transformer refers to the instantaneous operation of voltage. At this stage, there are few manufacturers of dry-type transformer that can reasonably guarantee the instantaneous step-up in China. The step-up dry-type transformer has strong step-up capacity and good practical effect. The difference depends on that the transformer power switch without excitation regulator does not have the ability to change gear with load. Because this kind of tap power switch can cut off the whole process in a short time during the whole process of gear change, tap power on and off or short circuit fault, so the dry-type transformer shall be powered off during regulation. Therefore, it is generally used as a dry-type transformer that is not very strict in voltage regulation and does not need to be adjusted frequently.

IThere are also many problems to pay attention to in the preventive measures and process of dry-type transformer damping. What are the key effects and functions of dry-type transformer damping and the corresponding preventive measures? Lets master and consult in detail with the small editor of the dry-type transformer manufacturer.

In order to promote the use of energy-saving transformers, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission jointly promulgated the detailed rules for the promotion and implementation of energy-saving distribution transformers of energy-saving products benefiting the people project as early as , providing subsidies of - yuan / KVA for energy-saving transformers.

dRajorellaThe secondary inductive equipment of the distribution station (such as transformer, voltage transformer, AC contactor, etc.) operates normally. According to the AC current, the winding transformer core will send out a symmetrical rhythm and a certain tone & ldquo; Buzz, buzz & rdquo; Sound. The operation staff of the transformer manufacturer should understand and grasp the characteristics of the noise. When the equipment has common faults, there will be noise and even & ldquo; Crackle & rdquo; The charging and discharging sound can distinguish the generation and characteristics of common equipment faults according to the music law and sound transformation when everything is normal and abnormal.

hGIt is understood that in China transformers have experienced the whole process of replacing many series products such as S. As early as the middle and late s, S Series lossless distribution transformers were selected in China to replace the high energy consumption transformers of jb- and jb - Specifications operating in the power network at that time. Since the th century, urban power grids have been transformed all over the country, and S series distribution transformers have been used to replace S Series. In recent years, S and S commodities are gradually selected in large quantities in the transformation of urban and rural power networks in China, and their full load loss is % - % less than that of S transformer.

Under normal conditions, different oil-based oils cannot be mixed. Under special circumstances, if it is necessary to use new oil of different grades, it should be determined whether the mixed oil with ice degree can be used according to the requirements of the region and then the oil mixing test should be carried out.

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