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Santiago de veraguasCharacteristics of dry type distribution transformertrustworthy

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The appropriate power saving calculation formula should be derived from the following process: active power loss of large capacity transformer: load of large capacity transformer; PDK - short-circuit fault loss of large capacity transformer, kW. Active power loss of small capacity transformer: when a pump room is in normal operation, two pumps are started separately, and each pump is driven by kW motor, so the usual load is KW, it will inevitably cause the loss of voltage and output power. When transporting the same output power,Products Show the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage,Las cambresCapacity model of oil immersed transformerWide use of and the output power loss is inversely proportional to the square meter of voltage. The transformer is used to increase the voltage and reduce the closing damage.

The secondary inductive equipment of the distribution station (such as transformer, voltage transformer, automobile relay, AC contactor, etc.) operates normally. According to the AC current, the winding transformer core will send out a symmetrical rhythm and a certain tone & ldquo; Buzz, buzz & rdquo; Sound. The operation staff of the transformer manufacturer should understand and grasp the characteristics of the noise. When the equipment has common faults, there will be noise and even & ldquo; Crackle & rdquo; The charging and discharging sound can distinguish the generation and characteristics of common equipment faults according to the music law and sound transformation when everything is normal and abnormal.

XHobro The iron loss of transformer includes two levels. The first is the hysteresis loss introduced by the transformer manufacturer. When the AC circuit is based on the transformer, according to the magnetic induction line of the transformer ferrite core,Products Show its orientation and size change, which promotes the internal molecular structure of the ferrite core to rub against each other, releases energy, and then loses part of electromagnetic energy which is the hysteresis loss. The other is the vortex loss when the transformer is working.

EfProtection mode for type selection of dry-type test transformer

The dry-type transformer used for power plant voltage transformation is different from the oil transformer. It is strictly prohibited to lead the way at the bottom voltage side to prevent the transmission overvoltage caused by overvoltage at the power grid side or lightning stroke from penetrating the insulation layer of the dry-type transformer.


The cycle time of power-off cleaning and inspection shall be determined according to the surrounding environment and load conditions, generally from half a year to once a year;

cDeterioration damage of transformer core insulation

XIf the input of dry-type transformer is an alternating switching power supply, because it is DC, add a circuit in the input power supply circuit to change it into a continuously changing voltage. In that way, its output voltage is directly proportional to the coil turn ratio of the output input solenoid coil. If a rechargeable battery is used, add a circuit in the input power supply circuit to change it into a continuously changing voltage. In that way, the alternating DC current can be obtained at the output end.



According to the introduction of transformer manufacturers,Products Show the capacity utilization rate is only about %, which is regarded as & ldquo; Great Lars car & rdquo;,Las cambresCapacity model of oil immersed transformerWide use of After replacing one kva small transformer, the utilization rate is close, but the main parameters of the two transformers are evaluated as shown in Table . Table evaluates the main parameters of the transformer: capacity (VA) iron loss (W) copper loss (W). Firstly, the output power is saved according to the customary calculation method (ignoring copper loss): the results show that the loss of large capacity transformer is lower than that of small capacity transformer, It actually consumes electromagnetic energy.

Pursuit of excellenceeFor oil transformer oil replenishment, unused transformer oil conforming to the new standard should be selected first. In addition, the oil with the same basic, same brand and same additive type is expected to have a stronger effect. The characteristics of the oil should not be lower than that of the oil in mechanical equipment. When the new remaining oil is less than %,Power transformer price: 1000KVA, 33kV, 25kV, power transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer factory there is generally no problem. However if there is more new remaining oil, oil shall be added before oil type Chromatographic analysis and pressure test shall be carried out to establish that there is no oil stain, and the acid value and dielectric loss shall not exceed the oil in the machinery and equipment.

ZThe no-load impulse closing working voltage shall not exceed % of the working voltage marked on the gear of the transformer, the closing frequency shall be times, the delay time after power receiving shall not be less than min, and the time interval of each closing shall not be less than min.

It can be seen from the above that from the perspective of power saving, in some cases transformers & ldquo; A small horse pulls a small car & rdquo; Cant compare with & ldquo; Middle car & rdquo;, little dragons & rdquo; Even less than & ldquo; Great Lars, Therefore, the loss of transformer full load and load must be considered in the calculation, and the results can be properly made in terms of power saving or power consumption. According to the correlation between the load rate and the transformer capacity: . The transformer load rate and power saving will be brought into the formula: the load index of the transformer, that is, the operating load and rated capacity of the transformer . Now it is illustrated by examples that both sides of the acadc al electron touch toe ground type seek the derivative of P, and then reduce the active power loss of the large capacity transformer from the active power loss of the small capacity transformer, that is, the formula: Subtraction formula is used to calculate the detailed formula for saving transformer output power: when the transformer operation loss is small and the rate is large, the load index is the load index, and when the specific copper loss is equivalent to iron loss, the rate is large.

rSantiago de veraguasOil sample inspection & mdash; & mdash; the performance parameters such as compression resistance and residue shall be carried out every three years. The long-term overload or overload of the transformer can reduce the cycle time.

bSHow to make up oil for oil immersed transformer?

The transformer manufacturer said that the temperature display equipment: the temperature change value is measured according to the PT temperature sensor embedded in the bottom voltage winding to immediately indicate the winding temperature of each phase (three-phase safety inspection and Zui large value indication, and the historical time Zui high temperature can be recorded). The Zui high temperature can be input and output as mA analog quantity. If it is to be transmitted to a distance (the distance can reach m, the electronic computer can be equipped with an electronic computer socket, an intelligent transmitter, and transformers can be detected. The over temperature alarm and trip of the system software can also be signaled by the resistor data of Pt thermistor sensor, so as to further improve the stability of the temperature maintenance system software.

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