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Three phase oil immersed transformer

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Three phase oil immersed transformer

Three phase oil immersed transformer adopts fully oil filled sealed corrugated oil tank shell to adapt to oil expansion with its own elasticity. It is a permanently sealed oil tank. Oil immersed transformer has been widely used in various power distribution equipment.

Performance characteristics

a. The low-voltage winding of oil immersed transformer generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding except that copper conductor is used for small capacity; The high-voltage winding adopts multi-layer cylindrical structure, so that the ampere turn distribution of the winding is balanced, the magnetic leakage is small, the mechanical strength is high, and the short-circuit resistance is strong.

b. The iron core and winding adopt fastening measures respectively. The fastening parts such as the height of the device and the low-voltage lead are equipped with self-locking locknuts. The non hanging core structure is adopted, which can withstand the bump of transportation.

c. The coil and iron core are vacuum dried, and the transformer oil is vacuum filtered and filled to minimize the moisture inside the transformer.

d. The oil tank adopts corrugated sheet, which has breathing function to compensate for the volume change of oil caused by temperature change. Therefore, the product has no oil conservator, which obviously reduces the height of the transformer.

e. Because the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside, which effectively prevents the entry of oxygen and water from leading to the decline of insulation performance.

f. According to the above five performances, the oil immersed transformer does not need to change oil during normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the transformer.

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