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Wave ordinaryScb13 dry type transformer with secondary energy efficiencyThe performance of resistance to carbide precipitation

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The transformer manufacturer shall not use hand touch method to detect energized high-voltage equipment, such as transformer in operation and neutral grounding equipment of arc suppression coil. For the equipment without power supply and whose shell is reliable grounding device, the temperature or temperature rise must be tested by hand. The secondary equipment can be inspected by hand touch method when it is hot and vibrated.

0Principle of step-up dry-type transformer: the step-up dry-type transformer is a component that correspondingly converts low communication AC voltage, the communication AC magnetic flux will be caused in the transformer core (or magnetic core), causing the magnetic induction voltage in the primary coil (or current).

tWave ordinaryNaturally, if the oil immersed transformer catches fire,Products Show please dont panic. I firmly believe that the damage will be reduced to a lower level as long as the above methods are effectively rectified. Above is the general process and process that should be paid special attention to in the whole ignition process of the oil immersed transformer. When the oil immersed transformer catches fire,San Lucas Sacatepéquez Scb10 dry type transformerIntroduction of several configuration forms please be rational to make the oil immersed transformer safer and more efficient.

The iron loss of transformer includes two levels. The first is the hysteresis loss introduced by the transformer manufacturer. When the AC circuit is based on the transformer, according to the magnetic induction line of the transformer ferrite core its orientation and size change, which promotes the internal molecular structure of the ferrite core to rub against each other, releases energy, and then loses part of electromagnetic energy, which is the hysteresis loss. The other is the vortex loss when the transformer is working.

KbreadThe transformer manufacturer will introduce the efficiency of the transformer to you

CcThe efficiency of transformer is closely related to the output power level of transformer. Generally, the greater the output power, the smaller the loss to output power ratio and the higher the efficiency. On the contrary, the smaller the output power,Products Show the lower the efficiency.

The grounding resistance of, high voltage and bottom voltage shall not be less than % (m & omega;) of the original value. The difference between the three-phase mean value of winding resistance measurement at the same temperature shall not exceed %, which shall not exceed % compared with the last accurate measurement result.


When the operating oil is mixed with different types of new oil or used for oil, in addition to the accurate measurement of the cold filter point of the mixed oil, it is also necessary to carry out high and low temperature test and sludge test, and observe the sludge accumulation. The accumulation cannot be accessed. The results of the operation of the mixing template are not that the original oil is very poor, so it can be managed and used in a mixed manner.

tThe sampling container is a colorless glass bottle with a wide mouth ground glass plug with a volume of .kg or kg. - bottles shall be collected at a time for analysis and experiment. Labels shall be attached during sampling. Pay attention to the name, source, sampling date, sampling person,Products Show weather conditions and other materials of the oil sample.

TPower transformer is indispensable for power stations and substations, but we must pay attention to many problems in the whole process of applying power transformer.

ZHigh valueAccording to the introduction of transformer manufacturers,San Lucas Sacatepéquez Scb10 dry type transformerIntroduction of several configuration forms the capacity utilization rate is only about %, which is regarded as & ldquo; Great Lars car & rdquo;, After replacing one kva small transformer, the utilization rate is close, but the main parameters of the two transformers are evaluated as shown in Table . Table evaluates the main parameters of the transformer: capacity (VA) iron loss (W) copper loss (W). Firstly, the output power is saved according to the customary calculation method (ignoring copper loss): the results show that the loss of large capacity transformer is lower than that of small capacity transformer, It actually consumes electromagnetic energy.

mRIt can be seen from the above that from the perspective of power saving, in some cases,Power transformer price: 1000KVA, 33kV, 25kV, power transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer factory transformers & ldquo; A small horse pulls a small car & rdquo; Cant compare with & ldquo; Middle car & rdquo;, Even less than & ldquo; Great Lars, little dragons & rdquo;, Therefore, the loss of transformer full load and load must be considered in the calculation, and the results can be properly made in terms of power saving or power consumption. According to the correlation between the load rate and the transformer capacity: . The transformer load rate and power saving will be brought into the formula: the load index of the transformer, that is, the operating load and rated capacity of the transformer . Now it is illustrated by examples that both sides of the acadc al electron touch toe ground type seek the derivative of P, and then reduce the active power loss of the large capacity transformer from the active power loss of the small capacity transformer, that is, the formula: Subtraction formula is used to calculate the detailed formula for saving transformer output power: when the transformer operation loss is small and the rate is large, the load index is the load index, the rate is large.

Once the insulation material of electrical equipment is overheated the surrounding gas will cause a kind of odor. This kind of odor can be sniffed out by normal patrol staff. When you smell such odor during normal inspection, you should carefully inspect the equipment and parts with overtemperature until you find out the cause.


The transformer manufacturer said that the temperature display equipment: the temperature change value is measured according to the PT temperature sensor embedded in the bottom voltage winding to immediately indicate the winding temperature of each phase (three-phase safety inspection and Zui large value indication, and the historical time Zui high temperature can be recorded). The Zui high temperature can be input and output as mA analog quantity. If it is to be transmitted to a distance (the distance can reach m, an intelligent transmitter, and transformers can be detected. The over temperature alarm and trip of the system software can also be signaled by the resistor data of Pt thermistor sensor so as to further improve the stability of the temperature maintenance system software.

Highly recommendedvWith Vietnam and Malaysia, Chinas first UHV transmission experimental demonstration project, China Transformer Corporation has entered a breakthrough in the development trend. The commodity voltage grade and volume rank first in the world, occupying the main technical position of the industry development trend. In addition it has promoted the continuous improvement and perfection of the technology of low-voltage transformers.

NIn specific daily life, we have a certain understanding of the optical wavelength of oil immersed transformer. What kind of function does it have for transformer?

Dry type transformer is a common electrical equipment, which can be used to convert the alternating voltage of one standard value into another standard value of the same frequency. The step-up dry-type transformer is used to convert the low-grade alternating voltage into another high-grade alternating voltage of the same frequency. It is widely used in high-frequency industries, such as variable frequency power supply.

mWave ordinarySeveral detection methods for installing transformer

qHDry type transformer, a static electrical equipment, is used to change the AC current (current) of a certain standard value into another or several types of working voltage (current) with the same frequency and different standard values. According to the supervision sampling inspection data released by AQSIQ in the third quarter of last year, among the kinds of dry-type transformer commodities produced and manufactured by companies in provinces and municipal districts across the country, kinds of commodities were found to be inconsistent with the provisions of relevant specifications, with a compliance rate of %& ldquo; This result mostly shows the quality level of Chinas dry-type transformer industry at the present stage.

What is the cause of power transformer core failure?

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